any comments please?

Would be very grateful for any advice or comments anyone may be kind enough to make.

My 82 year old mother has lived with MS for many years, living independently, driving, using sticks for short walks, a wheel chair for longer distances. Generally very healthy.

Had recent keyhole hysterectomy. Surgery went well.

But then picked up a post-surgical infection that seemed to be centred in her legs, first one and then the other. Legs & feet very red & swollen. The infection has been controlled with two different antibiotics.

The problem is that it has left her unable to walk at all - very painful feet and ankles - unable to weight bear - painful to sit out of bed - very bad spasms. Miserable in hospital with no clear sign of improvement or idea of how on earth we are going to deal with this.


Thank you.

Sorry I can’t really help but a similar thing happened to me. I had to put up with it for a few years, Dr. didn’t help just told me it was because I wasn’t walking. One day it started going down and my legs are near normal, feet are still fat but I can now get shoes on. Hope your mum gets better too.

‘RB’ What does your mother think about one and another… (sorry, was not able to ‘activate’ the 'questionmark…)

If she is in a gynae ward you could ask for an assessment by both geriatrician and a pain team.The initial ward may still be waiting for the infection to fully settle. Very GENTLE physio may help but only if they realise how sore your mum is.sometimes ultrasound can be used for soft tissue things I think.Just because she is stuck at this point doesn’t mean all that effort and independence will be lost so don’t you nor your mum lose hope.but what you do have to do in the present very stretched NHS is to 'rattle the cage ’ a bit to get input for your mum.If she was considered fit to operate on then she deserves all efforts possible to fully rehabilitate her.Most folk in her age group will have other illnesses as well as the one they have the op for but the combination of MS and age may be a bit less common.Maybe your neurologist may have thoughts on it too.could she go to a rehab hospital as they often have good pain and neurological input?