Hi,new to group, asking for my mum

Hi everyone, im new here - My mum will be 60 this year and over the past 5 years her mobility has deteriorated rapidly. There was a mention years ago of MS (which she always denied - we have asked her for years is this MS? And always got the answer of no i just have a bad back.) But LAST NIGHT shes finally admitted she has it but says there is nothing can be done. She was diagnosed 37 years ago - The past month she has fallen several times and seems to be having spasms in her legs.

Im just here for abit of advice really… My mum is a very proud and private person and i feel like shes maybe not admitting to herself as well as everyone else how bad she really is.

Is there any type of treatment for MS??

I would love to have a bit more knowledge to try and speak to her about options. I can only assume a doctor would have done all this previously, but i just feel helpless and would love to try and help her if possible. Shes very closed off to the idea of having something like this and is very quick to say nothing can be done, which may be true i just dont know?! Shes been in denial for so many years now and im unsure if shes had any treatment.

I had a friend who i worked with many years ago and she had some type of injections which took her from being wheelchair bound to living a some what normal life but obviously her type of MS could have been different.
From reading online i assume mum has the secondary progressive type as growing up i remember her being fit and healthy a lot of the time, but occasionally would have been off her feet for a few weeks (looking at it now this would have been the relapses i can only assume)

Where do i start? Can i ring doctors for help? Obviously as its not me i worry im not going to be able to do much, but watching my mum pretty much waste away is heartbreaking :frowning:

Thanks for reading

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Sorry @LMD12 im a bit late replying and your mum might be sorted now. I am 57 and had my first symptoms at 30 when I had two young children. I was never offered any kind of treatment (I have no idea what was available then) and I just carried on through life with the odd symptom that usually went away within a few weeks. This past couple of years I have really suffered with several symptoms, the worst of which is definitely lack of mobility and pains. I have only just this week had a definitive diagnosis of RRMS, but I wonder if I would be this bad if I had been offered treatment earlier. I am yet to start treatment but I remain hopeful.

It sounds like your mum is in denial or just trying to protect her family, and I can understand that too, but it sounds like you’re the one suffering all the stress. I hope your mum, and you, work out a resolution.

Nic x