Hello everyone

I am going through a relapse at the moment my first since 2009 when I started rebif now not working for me so changing to copaxone next Thursday I am anxious in case it hurts as I will be using autoinject pen plus scared I will run out of places to inject as it is daily.

I know I am being silly just needing a bit of reasursance.and guidance.


Sorry ive not got anything productive to say as not been on any medication youve done well to go 5 years hopefully it will be a short relapse does ms affect u when your not having a relapse can i ask? I was diagnosed last year and dont know too much about it x

Don’t be sacred, the needle used on copaxone is very small and fine and doesn’t hurt one bit. You get a small sting afterwards but it passes quickly. Honestly nothing to be scared of, it’s a doddle. I manually inject as I felt the auto inject was too diddly. All the best. X