copaxone anyone be on for a while, worried b4 even starting

My copaxone is in the fridge, waiting for the ms nurse to contact me for the first injection but she is on hoilday this week. Im quite relieved as it gives me a week to prepare, I was just wondering if anyone had been on this long term as ive read lots of posts of people who have been on it for a yearor so but not debating my decision know and thinking about whether it will work, if it does for how long and worried it will cause me to relapse just putting it into my body.I think im just panicking but would love to hear if anyone has had sucess longer term. Ive also had my first virus with cold sores and am themworrying that this will make me relapse. Sometimes I think I read to much and am looking for answers im not going to like. Sorry to ramble I hope by writing on here I will be able to relax slightly. Thanks zoe

Hi Zoe

I have been on Copaxone for nearly 5 years (4 3/4 years). I was previously on rebif for 5 years.

On Rebif I relapsed every 9 months or so.On Copaxone, I have relapsed just twice in 4 3/4 years…

I wish I had chosen copaxone 10 years ago when given the choice. I feel much better with in with no side effects. I know people react differently to meds but feel Copaxone is the one for me.

I shouldn’t cause a relapse by injecting. Virus’s can make you more susecptible to relapses but NOT on all occasions. I truly believe that if you are ‘due’ a relapse, it will happen although many things can make you more suseptible.

You have taken a positive first step in choosing a DMD and from a total ‘needle wimp’ I am sure you will be ok.



hi zoe

like neil i’ve been on copaxone for nearly 5 years.

no relapses and nothing major other than the usual aggravations with my wonky legs.

get some double base gel and moisturise all over but especially on the injection sites.

if your skin is in good condition the needle goes in easier.

good luck

carole x


I went from Rebif (3 years) to Copaxone (I had Mitoxantrone prior to starting Copaxone). I’ve been on it for about 5 years now. In the begining I really struggled with injection site reactions so quickly ran out of places to inject. Taking 1-a-day antihistamine sorted this out though and after about 6 weeks, once my body was used to it I was able to do without them.

I’ve been having maybe 1 or 2 minor relapses a year since changing from Rebif (3 or 4 a year) and evry 6 weeks when not on anything.

Injecting every day isn’t really a big deal, I still need a reminder in my phone so I don’t forget.

If you have anything else you want to ask, feel free.