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Hi, I’m new to this so I’m not sure if I’m posting this correctly!

I’ve been living with MS for the past 12 years and have been offered meds after my last relapse, I’m not sure which one to take as I hate needles, and the thought of injections scares me, but if they can help reduce any further relapses, I know I need to be brave. Any positive words, suggestions or advice would really be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Pink Cupcake, that’s a delicious name! Welcome to the forum

I used to take Rebif & injected 3 times a week, I injected with an injector pen so the needle was virtually hidden & only took a couple of seconds. Ask your ms nurse, she’ll go through all your options with you.

Good luck

Rosina x

Hi and welcome aboard this ship!

I can’t offer advice on meds for rrms, but I am sure you will get more replies. We try our best to support each other here.


Welcome to this brill site Pink Cupcake.

I have Rebif injections and to be honest I hated needles but it really isn’t that bad. The injection is inside an injector where you can’t see the needle. Once injected you throw the whole thing away. It is really easy.

If you need any more advice or even a friendly chat just ask.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Shazzie xx

hi pink cup cake

i was on daily injections with copaxone until recently.

my injection sites were really bad and my ms nurse had a look and said to stop straight away.

she put me on tecfidera (tablet).

i took my first one this morning and had no side effects.

carole x

Thank you for the lovely welcome and useful advise. I might go down the Rebif road - Ill let you know how I get on Shazzie and Rosina. It’s good to finally chat to like-minded people and know there are others I can ask and share info with. thanks again. :slight_smile:

I don’t know anything about relapses but needles have never worried me. I can understand the fear though. What the others have said sounds more manageable and after a few weeks you will get used to it and it will become second nature.


Hi Pink Cupcake, welcome to the forum

I’m a keen baker so I love your user name . Will you be baking for an MS Cake Break in May? I hold one every year at work and we all overload on sugar and raise lots of funds in the tastiest way possible

I used to be on Rebif and I was petrified about self injecting but, after the first one, I thought ‘was that it?’. It soon became second nature, like cleaning my teeth.

There are now two tablets to choose from as well, Tecfidera and Aubagio so you don’t have to inject if you really can’t bear the thought of it.

I’m now on Gilenya as Rebif failed me after 5 very good years with no relapses.

Good luck whatever you decide.

Tracey x

Thanks for your reply Tracey. I wasn’t aware of the tablets so I’m going to ask at my next appointment. Otherwise I’m going to try Rebif . I definitely need to find out about the MS cake bake in May, as I love to bake too - a brill way to help all of us. Thanks again for the uplifting wishes. X

Hi Pink Cupcake,

I am on Tecifidera it is really easy, tablet in the morning and one at night. so thankfully I haven’t had to inject myself. However since being on them I still have experienced relapses but according to my MS nurse tecifidera should reduce the frequency of them.

Good luck with whichever you choose.