tecfidera, Rebif and Copaxone

Hi everyone

My bf has RRMS and after a significant relapse at Xmas, his MS nurse has suggested he takes either Tecfidera, Rebif or Copaxone.

We are interested to hear people’s experiences of the above (good or bad). We are aware that only Tecfidera would be taken orally, the other two as injections.

Thanks in anticipation.

i prefer fewer needles in my life.


i was on copaxone for 6 years feeling fine but the year after i started to feel a lot worse.

i am now taking tecfidera and have had a few dramas with it. i think it is all calming down now so will push on.

it is totally his own decision.

he needs to find out as much as possible and figure out which he could incorporate into his life.

so copaxone - daily injections (boo) but your routine can be built around them.

rebif - i have never had. many people reportt flu like side effects.

tecfidera - tablet 2 x daily. side effects are flushing and stomach upsets.

good luck to you both

carole x

I was on injections for three years until October and have been on Tecfidera since. Seems to be going well, I have a little hot flush a few hours after I take it, otherwise no side effects. On Extavia injections I had flu syptoms every second night so definitely a better option for me.