advice on changing treatment from rebif to tecfidera

Can anyone help me with advice or experience about changing treatment from rebif to tecfidera? I’m 29 year old single mum with rrms, I’m tired all the time and struggle with walking. I want to have a life and not let ms beat me, but right now it feels like ms is winning. I’ve been on rebif for over a year with no major relapses but after talking to my consultant she suggested the change. Can anyone help me with any advice?
Thank you

hi ronnie

​tecfidera has a much better reduction of relapses rate - 50% as opposed to 30% for most of the injectables.

i switched from copaxone in february this year and tecfidera is a doddle in comparison.

however a lot of people have side effects.

mine started after the first couple of months.

flushing which can be sorted by taking an aspirin beforehand.

gastro issues which were horrible for a few weeks but have now calmed down.

you have to ensure that you have eaten before taking tec.

it is better if you eat before and immediately after taking the tablet.

i have porridge, take my tec, then have and fruit and toast.

the other dose i take halfway through my main meal (evening).

i wish i’d asked for an extra pack of the 100mg tabs because the normal issue is only one pack of 100mg then straight onto the full dose of 200mg.

it was once i started taking 2 x 200mg that the gastro issues started.

if you get an extra pack of 100mg you will be able to introduce it more gradually.

week one; 2 x 100mg

week two: 1 x 100mg and 1 x 200mg

then 2 x 200mg.

omeprazole is a great help with the gastro issues so have some ready.

most people have no side effects so don’t worry.

be excited because tecfidera is going to give ms a kicking!

carole x

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Hi Carole
Thank you for taking the time to reply, it is really nice to hear the opinion of someone who is going through it as well. I won’t be able to get an appointment to speak to the nurse until the new year. My brother is getting married in April, do you think I should wait until after the wedding before changing? I’m worried about the side effects and being ill for the wedding.
Thank you

Hi Ronnie,

I was on rebif for ten years and then i changed to Tecfidera about 16 months ago.

Carole has given you some good information.

I did well on the rebif for those years but then i started to feel pretty unwell on it. I decided to move onto Tecfidera and i am now starting to feel much better.

Everyones experience of the dmd’s is very individual but i am finding Tecfidera is a very good drug.

There are side effects of all dmd’s of course. I have been lucky and have had no stomach/gastro problems at all. I do, however have the flushing effects which i am still getting after 16 months. Every time i flush i feel the Tecfidera is working on my ms by reducing the inflamation.

It’s your choice as to whether to wait to change until after the wedding. Until you begin treatment you won’t know what your side effects will be like so it might be an idea to wait.

I have been pretty ill the last 5 years but now ive changed dmd - i can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Tecfidera is proven to be the best first line treatment to be on. I’m really glad i changed.

If you have any more questions - fire away! :slight_smile:

Teresa. x