Changing Medication (Rebif to Tecfidera)

Hi All,

Was hoping I can get some advice here on changing medication from Rebif to Tecfidera.

I have now been on Rebif for about 10 years. I hate having to inject however I have been free of Relapses for a few years now, so it is working for me.

However lately I have been having a lot of muscle pain particularly when injecting and the bruises seem to take much longer to heal. I saw my neuro about a month ago and spoke to him about this, he suggested I change my medication from Rebif to Tecfidera.

I am in 2 minds on this, as I would love not to have to self-inject anymore, however I am very scared of having a relapse due to the change of medication and very worried that the new medication will not be as good and I might have a relapse.

Has anyone here been in a similar situation? Is there something I should be looking out for prior to changing medication? I am meant to see my MS nurse in a few weeks, I have so many questions I’m not sure where to start.



Hi Li

I was on rebif for quite a few years but then the drug stopped working for me and was advised to start tecfidera which I did I now have been on tecfidera for 3 years now with out any problems.

the only thing different I did on starting tecfidera with ms nurses support was I took the lower dose for longer which helps with the stomach issues you can get I had none the only thing I get is flushing.

in all honestly it is the best thing I have ever done I would never go back to injecting.

hope this helps you decide don’t be afraid of tecfidera.


Hello, Like the previous comment I changed from injectibles to Tecfidera. I was on Rebif and changed to Copaxone and then changed to Tecfidera. It is so much easier on Tecfidera. Ask to stay on the low dose for longer and slowly titrate up the the 240 dose. Your MS nurse/neuro will help you with this, like Anne says this helps to prevent the stomach issues. The only side effect I get is occasional flushing but that resolves itself in about 20 minutes. You have to have regular blood tests about every 3 months to check your white blood count this can be done either at your dr surgery or hospital. I then ring up my MS nurse for the results. So far I have been well on Tec and no relapses. Also I have a yearly MRI scan and no new lesions since being on any of the DMDs.