The Fear...

Well my delivery of Copaxone arrived on Friday, I am to be trained on the art of shooting up on Thursday and the fear has well and truly set in. I’m really scared that I won’t be able to bring myself to push the button on the autoinjector and when I do pluck up the courage to do it, it’ll hurt like mad and I’ll pull out the needle too quickly. I know I need to man up and this is for my own betterment but I can’t and whenever I voice this to others they quickly bring up all the hours I’ve spent being under the needle being tattooed so I need to just deal with it. It’s not the same at all, it’s completely different and I’m not causing unnecessary drama cos that really isn’t my bag. I’ve been bubbling like a baby over MS related things recently more than I ever have about anything in my life I think. Just feel as though this condition has completely stripped me of my mojo and it totally sucks. :frowning:

It’s hard, the fear of the unknown can be very scary. Once you have done it a few tines the fear will lessen and hopefully you will feel in control, like you are doing something useful to keep the ms at bay. I was just as scared as you at the beginning, once I’d done it, I felt a whole lot better. Try not to let the ms define who you are, just accept it as something to contend with and keep moving forward. Things will be ok, good luck for Tuesday. X

Hi You can get that mojo back. I hate needles but have been injecting copaxone for 5 years and rebif for 5 years before that. I have a couple of tattoos and they hurt a heck of a lot more than the auto injector. After the first ‘shoot up’ it will start to become second nature. Neil

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for your responses and for reassuring me. It’s good to know that I’m not alone in being very scared initially and I’ll hopefully become a dab hand at it in no time. Will have a try with both the autoinjector and the needle to see what works best. Neil, cheers for the pain comparison with being inked. You’ve allayed my fears somewhat :smiley: Go for it Jen! Once you have one tattoo done you’ll be wanting another. They’re very addictive! Claire xx

Hehe :wink: it’s just scratchy and a bit burny. Depends where you get it done too. Calves and ribs were the sorest for me. Worth it though! xx