Anti Depressants

Hi all so sorry to post anon as I don’t normally but just wanted to know if any of you take anti depressants to help cope with this Limbo? Been really struggling to cope recently. I have good and bad days but days when I really feel like I can’t take it anymore! After months and months of GP thinking my symptoms are all down to anxiety and depression I really feel like I don’t want to ask for anti depressants as I feel that would prove them right and not take me seriously including the Neurologist. Many thanks xx

Been taking them for the last 3years before the ms dx, my mood has reached rock bottom at times, apparently I’ve had ms for at least 8 years before dx was given end of 2013, depression is quite common in ms, depression is also an illness on its own merit if you feel you may benefit from trying drugs this would not shadow a neurologists diagnosis of ms. mri’s,l.p & other tests are deciding factors. If you already have a neurology appt your over the hurdle of convincing your g.p there maybe more going on than anxiety & depression. Tell your g.p what you’ve said here.


If you had a broken leg would you refuse crutches to help you walk?

Good luck with your decision

Pauline x