Another "do I have MS" thread, sorry!

Where to start? I’m a 32 year old male with no history of family MS that I know of and no personal experience of the illness. I think it’s fair to note that I am also a heavy drinker (3-5 nights a week) as this may well be a contributing factor to some of my symptoms, however I have not always been and when I first started noticing symptoms my drinking was limited to 2-3 nights a week (in my 20’s). I guess the very first sypmtom that I recall is having tremor in my hands, this started about 3 years ago and only seems to happen when trying to work the muscle ie: if I’m lay still I don’t have an issue though if I am entering my pin number into a chip and pin machine/writing etc and actively working the muscles then I get tremor. This has gotten progressively worse over the years however it’s not at the point of other people being able to notice unless they were actually looking. The tremor isn’t just in my hands but my legs too, for example if I am sat with a plate on my lap my legs begin shaking uncontrollably, still not at the point that it would be noticeable by others unless they were really looking. As well as tremor I have developed a “blotch” in the vision of my right eye, one of those where I can’t really see it as when I try it moves with my eye. I also get blurred vision a lot though this may well be contributed to me being either at a PC screen or staring at a mobile for much of my waking hours (I also work in an office) last year after being layed off from a job of 3.5 years I slumped into a depression the likes of which I had not experienced before this and shortly afterwards suffered from a headache that lasted about 3 weeks, the GP said it was likely an tension headache brought about by the stress of recent events though I also suffer from time to time with the “ice pick” type headaches which don’t last very long (5-15 seconds) but are intensly painful when they do occur. Other symptoms include pins and needles in my hands/arms which come and go, my concentration levels seem to have dropped and I often find my mind wondering and racing, sometimes my speech is slurred, though again not to the point where it may be noticeable to other people but I have to really try hard to get some words or sentances out coherantly, it’s almost a chore. I have random pains, twinges, stomach complaints etc. So all in all I guess that’s about it. BTW I have seen my GP recently who took all of my bloods and aside from my gamma GT being slightly raised due to my excess drinking they all came back normal even though I have all of the aforementioned symptoms. Any comments, suggestions welcome.