Hi im new my name is sam im 47 my dad had ms and i am thinking i have symptoms but not sure had an mri about 4 years ago they said i had lesions but put them down to headaches i get pins and needles in hands legs and arms and a burning sensation in legs memory is so bad and i have problems getting words out or saying what i mean i have problems with back legs and neck and hips being stiff and hurting docs say i dont get tremors so its not ms can anyone give me advice abiut what they think and should i try another doctor or leave it as fibro and possible fnd as they say x


Welcome sam hope they are able to get down to whats wrong MS or not. We will all be here to help out where we can. Though not the most use myself as was only diagnosed in september 2023.

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Demand a new MRI and to be sure, a lumbar puncture to extract CSF (cerebro spinal fluid). These will establish if you have MS, particularly if they do a comparison with your 4 year old MRI.


I don’t think that ‘tremors’ are an essential diagnostic feature of MS. In 17 years I’ve never had tremors! I would go back and - see another GP and neurologist and get another MRI.

Thank you as doc said well you dont get them so its not that but i have been reading alot of people havent got them yet.