Ankle swelling

Hi everyone! Mum with PPMS is getting extreme swelling of her ankles from very short spurts of walking around Disney Paris today and yesterday! Is there anything I can suggest that will help? Thanks!

Hi Lucy Rose

The heat and walking or standing a lot, even sitting with her legs down for long periods can make anyone’s legs swell. I would ensure that she sits or lies down with her legs elevated for a few hours a day can help. If this continues though it might just be worth her seeing a doctor. Reduce her salt intake but make sure she drinks enough. She still needs her fluids due to the heat.

Hope that helps a bit. Take care and enjoy your holiday.


I think it was 41c in Paris yesterday, so pretty demanding conditions to walk in at all. Keeping her feet elevated is a good suggestion, as this will allow fluid to drain back and applying ice will help too.

My feet can turn into balloons. Keeping them raised is the easiest way to prevent this. It’s not a very dynamic solution but it works. Again, watch the salt. The diet may need some adjustment as I’ve found that reducing dairy and wheat/starch helps me overall. Changing some of my high blood pressure medication helped as well. Best wishes.