Ankle stretches and positions for playing with babies

Hi What are good stretches for ankles and knees. My ankles and knees are getting really sore if I use them which you need to do to walk. Playing with my baby daughter is really hard on the floor is there a way to sit that would make it easier. If I’m on my knees they get sore. if my bums on the floor then my hips go funny. An walking is a nightmare until it decides to spring back into position. Has any one had Botox to help the stiffness at all. Baclofen helps a little but unfortunately a child goes all day and u can’t put them in a box when your next due baclofen lol. And if I sit on the sofa I then use my arms and they get fatigued. In trying to find a solution but it’s not working She’s now learned the art of escaping lol. So needs chased and lifted. I feel like I’m wishing her life away so she’s able to walk etc.

A rowing machine one with air motion is better, Very good for all parts of the legs, ankles and upper body. You can even lock your legs straight and pull to chest using your arms only. Your also get a cardio workout as long as resistance is set 1/2 way.

It’s a good and easy way to ease yourself into a workout routine.