and then I got confused.

Phoned the m.s. help line recently - guy was very helpful - then I was asked to respond to a phone survey re how helpful I had found the advice. (my query was about m.s. and genetics)

First few q’s about the actual call - then I was asked for my age - then my ethnicity (not sure where ‘white and Welsh’ fit in!) - then asked about my sexual orientation - then I was asked about my gender - then I was asked if I was binary/non-binary.

I seem to recall something about binary numbers in my old primary school but I must admit the last question confused me a bit.

Same thing happened at the optician - asked to fill a form in asking all sorts of personal questions - not easy when your vision is blurred following the (dare I say it) the puff test.

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Gone are the days when you can ask a straight question and expect a straight answer ! As for binary numbers at school, I alway went AWOL when my maths lessons were due !

Perhaps you should acquaint yourself with the hexadecimal system. It’s got a lot more variables.

A typical Professor Evil,suggestion. Let’s make things even more complex and confusing. A new level of hell might be named after you.

An attitude like that could get a nice girl like you into trouble.

Who said I was a nice girl? Go on, bet you can’t think of anyone. I have given my all to be a ‘bad girl’. So I take offence at your aspersion.