Counting backwards from ....

Mini-rant on the unfailing ability of others to make assumptions rather than ask the person with [insert condition of choice].

Having just listened to the conversation between my line manager and HR person regarding whether or not I (the person sitting less than 12 ft away) would be capable of doing task x; Not I might add, asking ‘would it be ok if department x pinched T for a bit of work’ but ‘…is that going to be too much/tiring for T’ etc. Nice of them to think about it, but - (?)

Waving wildly and pointing at self: Sarcastic? yes, but it did get their attention, followed by my suggestion that the best person to ask about my physical/mental capabilities right now is - Me; I am more than capable of deciding a) do I know how to b) do I have the time c) do I have the energy. To their credit they both apologised for being numpties (HR’s word - not mine).

Unfortunately, this is not a one off thing which is not going to go away anytime soon, and I find myself waving sarcastically more and more frequently these days, in all areas of life where a long line of potential sarky-wave victims are presenting themselves.

I will continue my search for the right number to count backwards from to remove the urge to sarky-wave.

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Not nice when their doing this, so bloody annoying, not as bad as your situation, but out with hubby in a cafe in my wheelchair and server ask my hubby if I took sugar…HEY I’m sat right here, my hubby said why don’t you ask my wife, that wiped the smile off her face,

Oh dear. That sounds like something from a line management and HR training video, telling them what to not ever do. Quite honestly, if they didn’t know already, they should have chosen another line of work. I am sorry that they behaved with such so unprofessionally and thoughtlessly. I’m glad that at least they apologised, and I hope that they both blushed with shame when it dawned on them what they had done, but that must have been a very upsetting episode for you and I am sorry that it happened.

Hi Greenhouse - your situation is every bit as bad/annoying, and hopefully the server will be more considerate in future.

Hi alison100, I have to say that people management skills are not strong in my line manager, which made it more of a WTF/Facepalm moment, but I had thought better of HR who was leading the discussion, and yes they blushed mightily.

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