An open question to the web team

Dear web team

Could you please expalin the difference in the crieteria used for when a thread is locked as opposed to deleted?

You see, should I wish to post anything contentious (heaven forbid!) I would much rather the thread was locked and therefore still visible than deleted.

Thank you in anticipation


I agree with Tonto - this question has me somewhat puzzled! Teresa xx

Good morning web team!

I wonder if this has escaped your notice as you haven’t replied.

I really would appreciate a response.

Thank you


Tonto,I think that you posted a bit early to get an immediate response.They might have read it by now(whatever the time of this reply) then possibly a discussion,a mince pie and Bobs your uncle.I get your point and I’m sure all will be revealed

I don’t see the point of turning this place into the ‘Jeremy MS Loose Kyle Factor’.There is plenty of hassle,confrontation,rudeness,discrimination,blah blah,blah in the real world.Why is there a need to upset people on here when it is supposed to be OUR place of sanctuary.

Everybody is entitled to their opinions,and if they differ wildly from your own, isn’t that how how you get exposure to things you would never normally consider.Why the need to make things personal and confrontational.There is a solution in that you don’t open posts by a particular person if there is a chance it’ll wind you up.There were a couple on ye Old Bored that I never opened 'cos in MY view they were a waste of pixels.Other people loved them.


I’m not the web team - only a minion Moderator. We try very hard not to delete posts, but will do if necessary[really mucky ‘jokes’, posts full of unacceptable language or out and out personal attacks].

We don’t like closing threads either but if a thread is going round in circles and veering towards aggressive we do.

Unlike the old forum we can delete a post without losing all of the replies.

Hope that helps a bit.

Liz [Moderator]

Liz you are anything but a ‘minion Moderator’, more like a lynch pin.


Thank you Liz, it was good of you to reply to this.

What I would like is for the web team to share the criteria they use to decide if a post is deleted or closed.

One post springs to mind that was deleted which was not offensive in any way.

I can think of other posts which were clearly designed to cause trouble that were locked rather than deleted.

I eagerly await the web team’s repsonse

By the way I never think of you or any of the mods as minions. You and the other mods do an excellent job in keeping the boards a safe and helpful place to be, often in very difficult circumstances. Thank you

I would also be interested to know the criteria between a closed thread and a deleted thread please.

I would like the post that was removed to be put back on here for people to read even if the mods feel it needs to be locked. It was a good post.

Would that be possible?

Thankyou. The mods are very appreciated here and necessary but i feel in this instance a mistake was made.

i know a thread was locked the other day and i did have a argument with ejc in there, as i can see it was closed because of that then for my part in it im really sorry for doing that, i will not be gettting into any other arguments with anyone here and will be polite no matter what they say also, again for my part in the argument im sorry for helping to cause the thread to be closed, i promise it wont happen again

I did not start this thread to victimise any particular poster or thread merely to seek clarity about the criteria used by the web team.

Vicky, some posts/posters would try the patience of a saint, it is important that erroneous or misleading information is challenged

It would help considerably if the web team would clarify the criteria especially given recent events and postings when clearer guidelines and consistency in their application would help everybody concerned.

i understand that, i just wanted to say sorry for my part in the thread bein closed thats all :slight_smile: