An old one

It’s BAOR in the mid eighties and there is to be a Courts Martial.There is a civilian lawyer flying in from England to sit on the Bench.The transport arrangements to pick him up from the airport are organized,but there are weather problems so the arrangements are all changed

It’s wednesday afternoon so most of the Transport Regiment responsible for picking him up are playing sport.The phone call from the airport about his early arrival ends up with Driver Smith,the Duty Driver.He goes to the airport picks him up and drops him at the Officers’ Mess.

That evening the Colonel goes to the Mess to have dinner with the Regiment’s guest.It’s a very convivial evening and at one point the Colonel asks how his journey was.After explaining about the problems with the weather,he said,“It was very interesting,but why was I picked up from the airport in a 10 Ton Truck?”.The Colonel is stumped and avoids giving an answer.

The following morning the Colonel is livid and demands answers.Eventually Driver Smith is marched in front of the Colonel to explain.When questioned Driver Smith says,“Well Colonel, I didn’t know how big an Adjudicator was,so I reckoned I’d be all right in a Tenny”