amusing / not MS

So, Mum’s spent the last 2 years living in a small village near where she grew up. Unlike most of the US, everything’s within walking distance, except the grocery store, so people are used to seeing her out and about. It’s known that she’s 80 and a widow who lives alone.

Today, after walking home from the diner, she curled up on the front porch to read and drink tea, as is her daily habit. She dozed off over her book and apparently slumped over it quite a bit. Someone driving by saw her like that and called the bank next door to send someone to check on her.

Mum’s so embarrassed now that she says she’s going to have to leave town. I’m laughing my head off but so grateful that people care.

Several months ago, she lost her wallet with a lot of cash inside. A passing trucker had found it, dropped it off at the bank, and then left word at the diner. The staff there knew Mum had lost a lot of money, so they called the bank, which in turn sent a girl over with it. You just don’t hear a lot of stories like that these days. I worry less knowing that she has good people around her.