Amazon D3 delivery charges

I was trying to make my usual vitamin D3 order on Amazon but I was astounded by their postage and packing charges which I am sure are much higher than they used to be. I tried several brands but it was the same for all of them - eg £6.01 P&P on a tiny pot costing £8.99 and £8 on a £12.99 brand. I don’t want to get sucked into Amazon Prime charging me £79 a year for free delivery (I’ve had the free trial before and can’t do it again). It just annoys me - if they really want £15 for 250 softgels why can’t they be honest and say that instead of calling it P&P - there’s no way on this earth it costs them that sort of amount to send them!!

Try out the 3000 spray in Holland & Barrett - £7.95 last time I bought it, one spray a day lasts about 3 months

The spray is much better - as most of it is absorbed into the blood stream. Research has shown that the tablets/gels 85% just pass through the gut with your food.

Thanks for that advice - I’ll give the spray a try. x

Their delivery charges have gone up on everything. I never used to pay delivery for anything, opting instead for free Supersaver delivery (it was often just as quick as First Class).

Now it’s £20 (instead of £10) minimum spend to get free delivery (I think the exception is books), and lots more things are “add-on items”, meaning they’re not free unless sent with something else that already qualifies.

I’m not paying £79 for Prime, either. I might have considered it before the price hike, but I don’t want to pay so much extra for a bundled video-on-demand service I neither want nor need. I can’t see what wanting faster delivery has to do with watching videos, and I’m certainly not paying for both, when I only want one. The delivery charges have gone up so much that Prime probably would have paid for itself in a year - at the old price. But at £79, I don’t think I’d spend enough on delivery to break even, in an average year, so I just have to stump up as I go.

The higher delivery charges have made me postpone buying things from Amazon (until I’m ready to order enough things to get me over the £20), or occasionally to decide I won’t buy something after all, if the delivery is nearly as much as the item.



There are plenty of other places where you can get supplements online, like Healthspan or Big Vits. There are delivery charges of course, but nothing like as much as you’ve found on Amazon.


Thanks for that tip. Needed to get some more. I got 2 as second half price. Delivery £1.99. I did it via Easyfundraising, so earned some pennies for MS Society too.

I got vit D3 on prescription… Maybe you’ll get it too?

I get mine on prescription too.

Snowqueen x

My MS nurse informed me my local MS treatment centre sells a years worth of vit D tablets for £11. 365 tablets of 4,000 or 5,000 iu. They buy in bulk so can pass on the saving.