Amazing source of Information


I stumbled upon this the other night and thought I would share. Outlines the pathology of MS and much more. It is a bit dated but really good source of information.


The bit, diagnose, and adios still rings true. Dx by a letter that was a copy of what was sent to my dr. Still haven’t seen my neuro (now 6 months) no ms nurse either. Dr says she’s no expert on ms.

This document was absolutely fascinating - thank you so much Adrian for posting the link.

For the person who posted anonymously above - it sounds as if your neuro is useless. You don’t have to put up with this, you can get your GP to refer you to a good neuro at a hospital where they have a department dealing with neurological problems or the whole hospital is devoted to this. Why would you bother? Well, here’s a quote from the document about early treatment of MS.

“Therapies appear to be most effective if they are begun early in the disease—at a time when many patients might be most reluctant to assume the burden of treatment.”

No problem. There’s a lot to it but it covers pretty much everything. I’m in that position now. I feel well. I tried Rebif but got very depressed on it, so I had to stop. I’m waiting to see what the next step is. I don’t have an appointment until the end of May with my neuro. I am looking at trials and some look really interesting. I was actually approached for the stem cell trial but they had got my details wrong, so I wasn’t eligible anyway. I got really down after that.

Hey anon, I think you should put your foot down and insist on seeing someone. Not being able to see anyone is rubbish.

I only read the Exec summary and the chapter on Disease Management and Measurement but there was really lots of good stuff in there. I want to quote it in every post I do on here (but I’m resisting the impulse)

Hi Adrian,

I clicked on the link and saw the book pictured in the corner and realised I have this book which I borrowed from a certain medical library, when I was studying a few year ago. I’m afraid I, ahem, forgot to take it back. Not that I was studying anything to do with MS, but as there were a multitude of MS books available, I thought it might help ME! I shall have to dig it out again and have another read through. It’s quite comprehensive with some really useful info.