amazing news

Very exciting news

That’s positive, isn’t it!

It’s definitely true about the dearth of MS neurologists. I don’t think that’s what mine specialises in, though maybe he does because there was an article in the Telegraph in March talking about stem cell therapy for MS, and he was mentioned in that. I know he’s spread pretty thin though, his base being Sheffield which is 50 miles away from Lincoln, where I see him, and he’s only there a few days each month, so he obviously covers a big area.

Full guidelines here

Crikey, this is all so confusing. There is so much information to take on board.

I’m worried now that my neurologist isn’t an ms specialist. When I looked him up it seems that his interest is stroke.

Everything I’m reading suggests I need to get this changed. Is there anyone with a recommendation of who i should try to get referred to in worcestershire ?

Nothing about treatment for SPMS though :frowning:

I couldn’t read that document humbug shared. My brain started to cry when it saw the size of it, and those big indigestible blocks of small text.

Janet’s got me wondering about mine now stalks him through Google

Ah, on the Bupa website it says:

Areas of interest

Multiple sclerosis; Neuro-ophthalmology

Im going to see if my gp will help me to decipher the bits I don’t understand

I think keeping myself occupied with research is heping me to cope with the shock of diagnosis

That looks promising? Soooo muddled about treatment :frowning: I have had two sensory relapses in five and a half years. I really don’t understand, does that mean I qualify for treatment? I’m so confused and anxious about what I should be doing. Two neurologists have told me that they won’t treat me :-(. Worried :frowning:

Sennen have you been seen by an MS neurologist or general neurologists? You can ask to be see an MS neurologist it’s in the NICE guidelines for treating MS.

Hey Lenney, I have been seen by two neurologists, one a professor for parkinsons, hmmmmm. I’m too scared to go again :frowning:

Where in Worcestershire do you live?