Neuro has recommended amantadine for my fatigue, but my gp says I can’t have it due to ulcers in the past. Is anyone on something else or can recommend . I also read that modafinil has been withdrawn due to a European report.

My cousin who also has MS, swears by Amantadine, I’ve tried it but it did nothing for me. I’m not sure if theres an alternative " I did ask my specialist nurse but he didn’t think there was.

Not a tablet, but exercise can help improve fatigue. A decent physio will be able to suggest a programme that is manageable.

Modafinil is a better drug for fatigue than Amantadine, but it’s almost impossible to get prescribed now. Such a shame. Other than those two, I don’t think there are drugs for fatigue. So it’s just a matter of fatigue management. The link Whammel has posted has a lot of good ideas of how to manage fatigue.


Thanks all, I am seeing physio and going to the gym three times a week. Feel fine for a few hours later but then wham. Thanks for the link, will definitely have a good look