Amantadine and sleep.

Hello, everyone.

My current maximum of three hours sleep a night is leaving me lying awake from about two until seven. I know there are things I could do to pass the time but I’d rather be asleep. I’ve been taking Amantadine for ages to help with fatigue. It doesn’t seem to work much. I’ve read posts on other forums by people saying that stopping Amantadine helps them sleep more. Has anyone else any knowledge or experience of this.

It’s a really sunny bright East Sussex today.

Best wishes, Steve

Hi Mister Snore

I can relate to what you’re saying; when I was first diagnosed they immediately suggested Amantadine for my fatigue… tried it, but trying to function on maybe three hours sleep (if I was lucky) got a bit much, so I binned it. I don’t know if it just didn’t suit me - but I struggle enough to function at work with a good night’s sleep, never mind the “still being awake at 4am when the alarm goes off at six” got old very quickly! Hope it settles down and sorts itself out for you!

Fracastorius (Jane)

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hi steve

i had amantadine when first diagnosed but stopped it (can’t remember the reason but could have been sleep).

i have recently started it again and now i’m sleeping like a log!

it’s like coming round from an anaesthetic when i wake up.

just started betmiga too and don’t have to wake up for the loo.

it’s bright and sunny here in bolton too.

(i need my prescription sunglasses when driving)

hope it’s not too long until i need my proper sunnies

carole x

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