Am I immunocompromised?

Hello everyone- sorry if this is a silly question-

Are people with MS considered “immunocompromised” when on DMDs?

Thanks anyone who can clear this up for me!

No, the first line DMDs (Copaxone, Betaferon, Rebif and Avonex) are all immune system modulators and if you look on Wikipedia, there’s a pretty good explanation on how they work (well on the Rebif page). They are all safe to take with LDN, (should you wish to), which isn’t an immune booster, despite the old advice that it is.

The newer drugs, Tysabri and Campath - I’m not so sure, but there are plenty of Tysabri users here who can answer.

Steroids will dampen your immune system. I’ve caught some very odd bugs after steroids in the past.

I hope this helps a bit.


There are never silly questions on here.

Ive never thought to ask that question but I didnt know the answer so thats something I and I guess many others have learnt today.


Thanks for replies both! -x-