Could someone tell me what immune suppression are my GP told me I will have to go on these. I hope i have the right spelling.

Thanks in advance


Hi d

Immunosuppressants do pretty much what their name suggests - suppress the immune system. In MS, it’s thought that the immune system attacks the central nervous system. So for example, when we have a relapse, steroids are used as they supress the immune system, stopping it from attacking.

Someone with more medical knowledge than me may well say I’ve got some of this wrong though, but that’s my understanding.


Hi Dan

Thanks for your reply, so are they DMD then or am i wrong. GP said that I can not keep taken steriods and that they will put me on these immune suppressants.

I really don’t understand I am sorry to sound stupid.


Gilenya and Tysabri are immunosuppressants, but the injectable DMDs are not.

Immunosuppressants suppress the immune system or at least part of the immune system. This means that they stop the immune system from working at full capacity.

Steroids suppress the part of the immune system that causes inflammation. Other drugs suppress a different part of the immune system, or the whole immune system.

Do you know the actual name of the thing that the GP is talking about?

Karen x

Hi Karen,

Thanks for yor reply.

I was on steriods for three weeks in Dec. I was on them again in January and back on them again since yesterday. All she said was my system is over active.

I have the weirdest symptom I just need a break for a while.

I only take ampitrypline 75mg.Symptom are coming back and getting worse. I really am a bit confused myself about same. So I am waiting on news re same from who I do not know.

Thanks anyway Karen, you give great advice as does many other on this site.