immune system - overactive or suppressed

Hi peeps, I’ve seen a few posts recently were people have talked about not wanting to boost thru immune system as it’s already overactive. I’ve also seen posts were people talk about their immune systems being suppressed. So now I’m confused dot com ( pretty normal state of affairs really!) Are our immune systems over active or suppressed? Or is it that they are over active but the dmd’s we take suppress them? I’m sure someone will have the answer. There are so many helpful people here. This forum is great!

our immune systems are overactive. The dmd’s supress the immune system. Teresa.x

Thanks Teresa. Knew someone would have the answer!

I was told that our immune systems are just basically fecked! and DMDs like copaxone, work to help “moderate” it. Jools X

I didn’t know it was overactive!! started rebif but think its now underactive as have had constant infections since starting!!!

Glad i’ve learnt something new!!! This forum is awesome!