Tysabri antibody positive again

Well I had my 2nd tysabri antibody blood test and its still positive. angry

Does anyone know which is the next strongest DMD to request with my Neuro bod.

My immune system is really getting on my moobs.

Thanks in advance


That's a b***** letdown



You could ask about Campath maybe?

If not, then it's a wait for fingolimod or maybe you could go on Rebif 44 - it's the most effective of the injectables. (Have you had interferons before?)

No news re stem cells?


Oh! Late thought - maybe Dr M can get you onto a BG-12 trial???


Karen x

Well MS Nurse emailed me result and to say ring his secretary, so I did and he said why you ringing me your MS nurse should speak to M.

So I emailed M instead and said  'you can stick me on or put me forward to what you think would suite my immune system'

and mentioned its well over a year since I stopped copaxone so you decide M to speed up a new DMD.

As far as stem cells..... patient ethics committee is still dithering. angry