Had to stop Rebif :-(

Hello everyone,

Quick question for rebif users. My blood tests came back high for IgA (Immunoglobulin A) and my nurse has taken me off the Rebif, pending further enquiry. Saw neuro yesterday who wasn’t interested at all.

I have only been on it about 2 months, is it likley that stopping it will cause a relapse? I assume that as it’s only been a short while - it should be ok?

Anyone else had this problem, if so did you manage to contine with the rebif? I really dont want to have to change dmd’s, I was just getting the hang of things.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

L x

Hello Leora,

I have been on Rebiff for ages and of course have to have the regular blood tests and because no one says anything, I assume that I am okay. But I doubt very much if you will get some sort of a backlash coming off the Rebiff as you were only on this for two months and this is just a blink of an eye isn’t it? They might even reintroduce you to Rebiff if things settle down and even if they don’t, there are various other ones out there. You shall have to ask your MS nurse how things are progressing as she is the closest link to your neurologist. Best of luck with this.


Hi Moira,

Thanks for replying. I didn’t think the chance of a rebound relapse was very high - just thought i’d check!

I’m hopeful I will be allowed to go back on it. Seems it’s always one step forward and three back at the moment.

Laura x

Hi Laura

My understanding is that Rebif takes a little while to build up in your system so I don’t think that stopping it this soon will make much of a difference.

The reason this is my belief is that I had a sensory relapse roughly 2 months in and my nurse said she wasn’t too worried that it meant that Rebif wasn’t working as it hadn’t had a chance to build up in my system yet.

Hopefully you’ll get some answers soon and be able to get back on it or at least get another DMD sorted. Chin up hun. Just another little dip on the rollercoaster ride. There’ll be an upturn very soon :slight_smile:

Tracey x

Thanks Tracey, yep will keep the chin up, not much else I can do is there! x