stopping rebif

Does anybody know how long Rebif stays in your system after you stop taking it. I stopped a week ago

Did you just stop? I’m thinking about it and my ms nurse says its ok to just stop but the Internet says consult someone first??

hi i had to stop rebif for a while due to other health issues and was told that it stays in your system for 3 months.i asked at the time because i was worried i was not protected but i was i am now back on rebif but might have to come of it again as my antibodies in my blood are fighting against rebif it looks like it could be gilenya for me after i see my neuro in may.


Did you just stop tho?? My Neuro says I am now SPMS so rebif would not be effective so i reckon there’s no point in me taking it!!

I stopped rebif last June and started copaxone in September which was okayed by my MS nurse so I was off it for nearly 3 months and felt really well during that treatment break.


Hi Cathy,

I am thinking of stopping Rebif and trying Copaxone. How do you feel on the Copaxone?


Adrian x

So you just stopped? No weaning off then? And you were ok doing that?

Hi Carolyn,

Yes I just stopped,I finished the cartridge that was in the rebi smart so that week I had my three injections and then that was it no more rebif. My MS nurse said that was fine to do.

Hi Adrian,

Generally I feel much better on copaxone than rebif. With rebif I got bad headaches and seemed to be always taking paracetemol-to deal with the headaches and to try and prevent the flu symptoms. The injecting was easier on rebif though. With copaxone you have to look after your skin more and at first when I injected it really stung and the injection site went quite red and blotchy. However that seems to be easing now. However it feels like I am having a relapse as my legs have been very tingly the last few days.



I took Rebif for 12mths then my MS turned to SPMS so stopped. I just stopped with no tapering off and I was fine.

Hope this helps.

Take care.

Shazzie xxx

I have taken Rebif for 10 years. Age 60. The fluey like symptons and dull headache never ever went away. I am going to stop Rebif. What are your thoughts?

Hi, I have also taken Rebiff 44 for 10 years now but as I am living in Portugal now and my neurologist in France has died in june that obliged us to look for another one here, and she (removed by moderator) suggested to change to Plegridy. So I stopped my Rebiff on sunday and I am waiting for the phone call from the hospital’s nurse with the first mont’s dose (only 2 per month!) cause here it is sold or given at the public hospitals.