How much time before taking Copaxone?


I was just wondering if anyone knows how long you have to wait before you can safely start on Copaxone after stopping Rebif?



hi adrian

your consultant or ms nurse should advise

carole x

Hi Adrian,

I stopped rebif mid June 2012 and started copaxone mid Sept 2012 so 3 months for me but your MS nurse should know when its ok for you.


Hi Adrian,

Did you get taken off the Rebif then? or was it your decision?

Sorry if i’ve missed posts as been busy with it being the kids holidays.

Had been wondering how you got on with contacting the nurse.


Thanks. Yes, I stopped taking Rebif as I was getting really depressed and I was getting suicidal thoughts. I sat in my front room for two weeks and thought ‘What the hell is the point.’ I have other stuff going on, not just MS. I have been trying to get reasonable access to my daughter for 6 years and she is being truly manipulated and that really gets me down. MS has just been the icing on the cake.

Thanks for your replies. Very much appreciated. I have emailed my MS nurse a couple of times and she hasn’t got back to me. x

Sorry you are having a rough time at the moment.

Your nurse is very slow to get back to you. Mine usually rings back the same day so i suppose it depends where you live.

I hope you sort out the access to your daughter soon. Try to keep positive for her sake.

Hopefully you will do better on Copaxone.


Thanks Teresa. She has got back to me now and I am seeing hef next week. Thanks for your concern. I’m sure things will get better. Just feeling very sorry for myself at the moment. x