Stopping beta interferon

I saw you consultant last week and we are changing my DMT so I have to have my system clear before I can start a new type so I have to stop my beta interferon as hr says it will take 4 weeks to flush out of my system then we can go with the new one if my MRI scan is ok has any one else changed and how did they feel

Hi there,

I am in the process of changing DMD. I have been on rebif interferon but have been getting bad headaches on it,increased stiffness of legs and waking in night in cold sweat if I forgot to take parecetemol. I was feeling rubbish for most of the week. So MS nurse suggested I stop injecting for 2 monthes and then we will review situation. So I am in my second week of not injecting. I have been experiencing more tingling in my legs which is not painful just annoying. However have not had any debilitating headaches!!

I will probably go onto copaxone which doesn't give flu side effects but will mean injecting every day!!

Hope your change over goes ok. Keep in touch it will be interesting to compare notes.


PS Tattybear I see you are from Wiltshire-Snap me too.