Restarting rebif after 2 week break

Hi, Has anyone re-started rebif after a break of 2 weeks? Can you just restart or do you need the taper pack again? Thanks Louise

Hi Louise

I always used to just crack on as usual if I had taken a break from rebif,it stays in your system for quite while so it wont even notice a two week break.


Hi Ricky Thanks ever so much for replying. Will start again tonight then. Only actually on rebif 22 but wanted to make sure all was ok before I started. Thanks Louise

Hi Louise,

Just wondering why you stopped. I stopped on the 44 mcg as I was getting really bad side-effects. I haven’t taken for three weeks now. I am waiting to see my neurologist to see what my options are.


I’ve always been really lucky with the side effects. I only had a bit of a headache that was sorted by paracetamol but I suffer with vivid dreams and I was hoping they’d stop by stopping rebif. But they haven’t and I think I need to be on a DMD really. I’m on rebif 22 as my liver function altered when I moved on to rebif 44. When I stopped rebif my consultant suggested I try avonex as its only once a week but I like injecting subcutaneously and not sure if like intramuscular. I’ve tried copaxone but the injections hurt too much.