I took a break from Rebif (didn’t tell anyone and managed this because the delivery contract change from BUPA to Healthcare wasnt managed very well).

Has anyone taken a break and then started again on the full 44 dose please?

I am assuming this is ok but would welcome opinions.

Hi I used to take two week breaks every now again and it never did me any harm,this was actually done with full support from my MS nurse. Ricky

Hi. I used to take two week breaks every now and again and it did me no harm,my MS nurse and Neuro wre happy for me to do this. Ricky

I’m on an enforced break at the moment as the reception at our holiday accomodation managed to freeze my rebif the day we arrived. They are going to put me on 22 dose for a month when I get back. Mind you I was still in titration so hadn’t actually reached the 44 dose yet.

Hi there, I posted the same thing the other week about taking a break from my rebif injections because after nearly 3 years of injections my poor body is feeling very sore and lately some of my injection sites are stinging and I feel like I’ve been punched in the same place a thousand times! So it’s interesting to know you’ve taken a two week break but I will contact the nurse before going ahead but a break sounds bliss :slight_smile: nicola.