changing drugs.

any advice please. have had to stop rebif after 6 weeks. liver results abnormal. (excessive). spoke to MS nurse am. To wait 4 weeks then try copaxane. Anyone else had similar experience. Anne x

A friend of mine had the same problem - she came off Avonex and her liver soon got back to normal.

Copaxone is easy to inject and no side effects worth worrying about, so I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Karen x

Hi Anne

I stopped Rebif because it stopped working for me. I was told I had to wait 4-6 weeks before I could start anything else. I ended up having Mitoxantrone (chemo) followed by Copaxone, which I’m still on.



thanks for your input everyone, so sensitive to all drugs, only thing i can take is paracetamol. allergic to all colours in tablets and cannot take amitriptylline because of the blue colour. so have to put up with nerve pain !! . concerned about starting copaxane due to poss heart rate rising. Anne x