Copaxone side effect...or not?

Feeling glum so thought I would post. After six months on Rebif I had to swop to Copaxone as side effects of Rebif were making me so ill. Changing to Copaxone I feel so much better and have been on it for nine months now. I have been struggling with fatigue lately but apart from that only left over symptoms. So after having bloods taken by my GP and being prescribed various vitamins I feel a bit more energetic again. However I have had other recurring breathing problems over past year which started when on Rebif but has recently returned together with a fluttering sensation in my chest so I have been referred to cardiology. However my ms nurse said if they can’t find what’s causing it it could be a rare reaction to Copaxone and suggested I may have to come off it. Has anyone else experienced this on copaxone and/ or Rebif? I am worried that I may have to come off it, when I thought it suited me so well. Mish x

Hi Mish,

Like you I started on Rebif and came off it after 9 months-hated the side effects and feeling crappy all day. Like you I am also on Copaxone and feel much better on it too. Regarding your breathing and fluttery sensation I don’t know if it could be a side effect of copaxone but I also get occasional shortage of breath and feel I have to stop and try and take a really full intake of breath. I don’t get any flutterings though. I have had this shortage of breath a while though probably even before I began on Rebif which was August 2011. I think it is probably more an anxiety symptom.

Hope you get on ok and keep me posted-hopefully you will be able to stay on copaxone.

Cathy x

Hi Cathy Thanks for your reply. Oh yes, Rebif side effects made me feel awful, two hours after injecting I was ending up in bed. Yuk! My breathing problems have only begun since I started medication but having swopped it would be very unlucky for both meds to cause the same problem. For me, it comes on often after sitting for a long time and then move. I can walk ok to another room and I suddenly feel out of breath and dizzy and need to lean against a wall or sit to recover, like a delayed reaction to moving. I think the fluttering could be a ms symptom, as I have had buzzing in feet and stomach before but I’m not sure, my heart does feel like it is racing. Ah well…more tests hey? Thanks again for replying : ) Mish x