Arghh I am off Copaxone back to the drawing board

So frustrated

After three months with few issues and feeling great I started getting side effects with my injections and was taken off treatment last week. So its back to trying to decide which atlernative to go for. I really felt back in control and that things were going well so am super frustrated .Even in a week I can feel a difference my movements are not as sharp typing this feels harder I am so grumpy

Ellie x

What a shame for you. I had to come off of Rebif after 3 months as the side effects (for me) were just to much, so I can relate to the frustration. Can I ask, as I’m considering copaxone, what side effects you experienced? I thought copaxone had hardly any? Are you able to speak to your nurse about other options? I hope you find something that works well for you and you are feeling back in control really soon. Lx