DMD's and anitbodies

Hi Folks its me again with another question.

I am just wondering if someone build up antibodies to a DMD, does that stop it having the same effect, i.e lessen it working?

I was on a trial drug and built up the antibodies after about 6 months. I continued to take it but side effects gradually got worse each month until I have finally stopped it and now my bloods are fine.

Have got a lot more lesions and wondered if this may be connected.




Neutralising antibodies (NABs) lower the effectiveness of the DMD that they have developed in response to, but shouldn’t affect unrelated meds. For example, if you develop NABs to interferon, it will stop being as effective which may result in your MS becoming more active, but it would hopefully be suppressed again if you switched to Copaxone.


Karen x

Thanks Karen

Perhaps thats why I may have so many more lesions than expected from the drug.

Going to try to get DMD’s and perhaps LDN. Do you have any experience of any

Thanks for your help



I used to be on Copaxone and am now on Rebif. Copaxone kept me relapse free for about 3.5 years. It’s early days with Rebif (6 months), but I am feeling better than I have in years! (Confounded by the fact that I have started going to the gym though - it’s probably helping too.)

I’ve never tried LDN, but some of my friends find it helps with some of their symptoms; some found it had no effect and/or had to give it up; one friend has found it to be wonderful for her. A real mixed bag!

You can take LDN with a DMD, but I don’t recommend you starting two new things at once because if you improve or get worse, you won’t know what’s responsible. If you get the chance, I would start with a DMD first. Then add LDN after 6 months or so maybe, if you still want to.

If they won’t give you a DMD, then definitely try LDN. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Karen x