am i allowed to drive?

not sure if this is a silly question but looking for a bit of advice, i don't drive, proccrastinated over learning to drive for about 10 years now, always put it off, but been thinkin recently how much easier it would be if i could drive, thing is, am i allowed to? whats the rules regarding having m.s and learning to drive?

It depends on your symptoms, you'll need to get your Dr to advise the DVLA when you apply. I was allowed to keep my licence as I have sensory symptoms so it depends. Good luck!



Sorry I can't help about learning to drive but I imagine it's pretty much the same for learner drivers as it is for existing drivers.


The vast majority of people carry on driving, some with adaptations to the car. The DVLA usually puts people on a 3 year lesson, that is standard practice and enables them to monitor the situation.


I really wouldn't let the fact that you have MS deter you from learning to drive, I am sure that there is a way to do this.


Good Luck!


Go for it.... They will ask about medical conditions when you apply for a provisional licence but if DR gives ok you should be ok.

Think of how much pleasure you'll get from driving. You're never to old to learn - just get a nice instructor on personal recommendations - ask any friends who have teenagers learning to drive. 

The theory test is all done on the computer, so good sitting down stuff - your instructor should give you a disk and just buy a highway code. How exciting for you.

Good luck!! 




Yes you can learn to drive, the only barriers, you may have to have adaptations made to the car, but that’s not a problem, just contact your local "DVLA" approved mobility centre, and they will advise.


Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.

I never wanted to learn, but when my husband died 15 years ago, and i had a toddler, i made myself learn to drive, because i was having more and more difficulty in walking, and had to get her to nursery, and then school, it was the best thing i ever did,it gave me some independance, but i dont drive now, because i dont feel well enough to drive, i have cognitive issues,and dont feel that safe.

Give it a go, if you feel able,the only reason you couldnt with ms, is poor eyesight or cognitive issues,but if you feel well enough to drive, theres no reason not to.

Good on you! How heartening to read about someone thinking about taking up driving! I hope you are able to - follow the other posters since DVLA will need to know about condition & any adaptations but why let it stop you?


Best of luck!

  Being able to drive - does give you so much independence. And many of us with differing disabilities still manage to drive. l have been driving

for 47yrs - and touch wood - have 47yrs no claim. For the last 29yrs l have had to drive an automatic as my ms effects my left leg. l love automatics and have never had any trouble with them. Power steering is also a must -makes it so much easier. You can learn to drive in an

automatic and take your test in one. Then you would only be licensed to drive with automatic transmission. But it is so much easier to learn in one. Best of luck.