Driving Licence

Licence due for renewal on 21 Dec (it’s a three year one)

Completed forms and sent them with my licence to DVLA Swansea on 5 Nov.

Phoned DVLA yesterday - they had received all relevant forms on 7 Nov and had written to GP.

They omitted to write to me to say I had to make an appt at GP’s for a medical. Phoned GP today - first available appt is 19 Dec.

So there will be a gap between when current licence runs out and when (hopefully) I get a licence. Am I permitted to drive at this time although I won’t have a licence?

Also what sort of medical examination should I expect?

Maybe you could phone DVLA and ask them if you can drive legally during the gap period.

My GP asked me the questions on the form and wrote down what I answered.

I rang DVLA because I didn’t get my licence back before the old one ran out and they said I was allowed to drive till a decision was made as to whether my licence would be renewed. It’s worth a phone call to check if you are allowed, I’m sure like me you will be able to.

Jan x

Both my GP and my Neurologist have advised me not to drive due to ataxia and recent MS diagnosis, apparently , if I’m involved in an accident even though it wasn’t my fault , my medical history will indicate that I was responsible

Also if any such accident should result in a ‘death’, then I would apparently be charged with 'manslaughter ’ ?

Both my GP and Neurologist have cited the Glasgow lorry driver situation (2-3 years ago) - he had medical issues…

I have hung up my car keys but feel trapped although ‘innocent’.

Good luck with your licence

Libbie x

Hi Libbie

Have you told the DVLA you have MS? If not, do so straight away as it’s a legal requirement. Your GP and neuro are right to be cautious, but it’s the DVLA who ultimately decide. An assessment may be needed at a mobility centre to be sure. I had one done voluntarily, and was really helpful. You may need to use hand controls - when I had my assessment I got to try out a few different types. Then if the DVLA declare you’re fit to drive, then you shouldn’t be treated any different from an able bodied driver. Just tell your car insurance you have MS (if they try to raise your premium as a result, tell them they’re breaking the law).


Hi anon

You’re OK to carry on driving even if the date passes, as long as your renewal is being assessed. I renewed mine recently. It took months, but I had a letter from them saying I’m ok to carry on driving while my application was still being processed. So you may get that through in the next few days.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for your reply. I must at last confess that I am/was a pretty sh*t driver and the road is probably a safer place with me off it . I realise that I must notify the DVLA about my condition but am in no hurry as I just do not even think about driving anymore, I think I last put the public in traffic danger in February/March this year just prior to my MS diagnosis, Since then I have been a passenger or just don’t go out . I’m no snob but I just don’t ‘do’ buses although I have recently got a railcard for trips to Glasgow, Edinburgh etc… Regarding car insurance, I am going to wait until this year is over rather than insure elsewhere as my current policy has me as the main driver which I asked to change to my husband but was advised to cancel the policy which will incur a stupid charge ! I will just wait ,I don’t like the new car anyway (sour grapes ?) maybe but …

Thanks again Dan.

Libbie x

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You should try buses Libbie, I love them. The ramp comes out, now it’s sunk home to drivers that legally the Wheelchair space has to be cleared of buggies, most enforce it, and I’m on and it’s freedom of a sort. Otherwise I’d be trapped and more miserable just enduring my pain at home. Out I’m amongst life, chatting with people, smiling, laughing. They are a lifeline, so bin your inner snob (bus aversion is snobbery!) and get yourself out!!