Can anyone advise me?

Hi…Im looking for any help and advise I can get on being able to drive.I have MS and have now had it for just over 2yrs…I was learning to drive but Had to stop as my mobility was badly affected at first.Im much better now,still mobile indoors thans to hand rails ect and a good physio team…but realy want to learn to drive and maybe get an adapted car?? Is this possible? Ive got a scooter and use a wheelchair when out an about if I need to,just want a bit more freedom…any idears or advise would be great.

Many thanks

Lou.x x

Hello Lou,

I know you can get adapted mobility cars but am unsure if they would allow you to learn in one. Why not give Motability a ring and ask them. They are very helpful and may be able to tell you of an instructor who could teach you in an adapted car. Best I can do, sorry.



Hi, well when I was learning (in an automatic car), there were fittings that the teacher removed after folk who learnt to drive with hand controls used.

I would think this can still be done. Just google the subject, eh?

luv POllx

Hi Lou,

If you have high rate DLA they can get you a brand new auto; fit hand controls and if you are a young driver (16-17 I believe) get free driving lessons. See