Aloe vera juice/gel

Hi all,

After some reading and personal accounts, I’m buying some aloe gel to see if it will help keep my energy levels up a it and also help with my IBS. Just wondered if anyone else had tried it? I appreciate there is no miracle answer to fatigue but thinking it’s worth giving a shot. I’m also trying to eat as ‘clean’ as possible as hoping that might just help with general well being.

L xx

I’ve tried once and didn’t like it(((

Yeah I’ve heard it’s not the nicest :confused: The one I have ordered comes with a measuring lid and it’s only 25ml daily, so going to drink it like shot. Hoping that’s achieveable x

I once got a bottle of gel from a company called ‘Forever Aloe Vera’ or similar. It was very nice, but in the end I had to be quite firm with the sales chap who kept phoning me up to ask whether it had cured my MS yet (it hadn’t…) Not that I had expected it to, of course, but he clearly had harboured high hopes!

It was a lovely product, though, for people whose guts like aloe vera and find it soothing, and much nicer than the thinner stuff you get from the health food shops generally.


My friend had it from Forever Aloe but the sales girl was far too push for my liking, plus it worked out to be quite expensive. I’m hoping just feel a wee bit better on the inside and any increase in energy would be great. Thanks for your comments xx

Sadly my experience was that it only reduced my bank balance.