Almost thought I'd completely lost the plot!

I really thought I lost the plot earlier when I asked my other half to pick up some salad on his way from work and he tells me he'll get it from Clapham - I thought Clapham that's out of the way so txted him back to say so - thinking thats weird. I then kept dinner ready for the last hour and he still hadn't got home so I called. 

I asked him 'where are you'

'Having a drink with my mate'he said

'What and you didn't think to tell me, I've kept dinner ready and I'm starving?'

'I did and you replied back'

'But I didn't' I said

He said ' you defo did - you're forgetting. It's okay I'll talk to you about it when you get home'.

I hung up really doubting myself thinking I'd utterly lost the plot. Not only had I forgotten my other half was going for drinks but I'd also forgotten that I'd texted him in response.

Ten minutes later I get a text saying 'I'm off for drinks with....'

Doh! It was the bloody mobile phone network - my partners message had been delayed and he assumed my first message asking him to buy salad was in response to his message.

Burnt food now - and very hungry but at least I'm not losing the plot!

You have to laugh!



Lol its good to have someone else to blame our terrible memories on! Maybe you should text him again and ask him to forget the salad and pick up a chinese instead!

I got a text off a friend 2 weeks ago and I had no idea what she was on about. I checked the date and she had sent it last November!!!!