allergy - to my epilator? - not MS

Thought I’d make you guys laugh with my story:

So I’m off to Cyprus next sunday am and thought time to get out the epilator. Now I’ve only epilated a few times as I tend to wax or shave but obviosuly epilation lasts longer.

Anyway complete my arms and I notice big red welts start to appear that itch like crazy! I didn’t put anything on or do anything different. And even more strangely the times I’ve epilated before my thoats closed. The first time we did my neices legs that evening I almost had anaphalaxis and had to take some piriton.

Strange - so no idea… is it the hair, the brand of epilator… ?


Does anyone else have anyone weird stories?


Hey Reemz

Im allergic to fresh tomatoes (not tinned though), bananas, and latex too, so when I have been in hospital I have to make sure noone uses latex gloves (and dentist) and noone serves me tomatoes or bananas! Weird combination though eh.

Lol at epilator allergy… thats definitely weird!

P xx

I am sensitive to strange things. I don’t think they are allergies as such but had a horrible itching sensation when I had a emporary filling at the dentist a few years back. As soon as he packed my tooth the gum around that area started to itch like mad and got worse to the point where I wanted to rake my gums out. He took out the filling and it went away. He said it was probably clove oil that they use in temporaries!

I also have a weird reaction to prolonged handling of fresh tomatoes and raw chicken (I used ot work in a sandwich bar, is how I found out). My skin itches like mad after handling raw chicken for a few days then a few days later I get tiny red pimples and about a week after that the skin falls off! Tomatoes, it seems the acid cuts right through my skin. I end up with lots of tiny little ‘paper cut’ type cuts in my fingertips that are very painful. It’s almost like the acid from the toamtoes eats into my skin. I used to wear those thin plastic gloves like you use when you dye your hair at home but the acid would go straight through them. Tomatoes are evil! I can eat them with no ill effects though. Bizarre eh?

Your stories mde me smile. Glad to know I’m not the only strange one. Latex must be very difficult and tomatoes too - so many things have tomato hidden.

My partner has loads of allergies, animals, grass, carrots, brazil nuts, milk but to name a few. As soon as he saw my rash he said those are hives.

Thank fully the rash is all gone now :slight_smile:

It’s very weird. I even saw the GP last year as I was concerned because of the anaphalaxsis and at that time I hadn’t peiced togther what it was. The GP just shrugged and said one of them things.

At least I know what it is now - well kind of.

Just remembered a funny one… my ex (he who shall not be named as we all like to call him) was allergic to donkeys lol lol lol.

Found out when we took our youngest daughter to a fete and she went on a donkey… he couldnt breathe and came out in terrible hives.

I did think about sending a donkey round to his house when we broke up, or to ‘infect’ his clothes with donkey :smiley: (but I didnt).

:smiley: P xx

LOL pm64!! That’s brilliant! I can imagine you rubbing all of his clothes (especially his undercrackers) on a donkey, and then putting them back neatly on the hangers and drawers like nothing was wrong, haha.

I get a reaction from those stretchy material type plasters - not the blue ones like most people.They make me itch and leave a bright red patch the shape of the plaster.

It was very tempting indeed… my oldest son threatened it but I dont think he did. Shame really on reflection :smiley:

I am allergic to all plasters too, and I was allergic to my HRT patches too which was a real pain. I think latex is used with the sticky bit on them. I actually have loads of allergies… but I have forgotten them! lol lol imagine going to hospital and saying “yes I know Im allergic - I just forgot I was!” Oh… I remembered another :smiley: Im allergic to paracetamol, makes me really ill, and my Dad is allergic to Ibuprofen :s

P xx

The donkey tops it - that really is random and so specific.

I just have this image of a donkey pooing and leaving hair everywhere.

He’d have had to fumigate his house!