Allergy testing

Has anyone been for allergy testing that really looks into what it is that might be causing our myelin to be attacked? If so, where did you go and how did it all go?

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Um. MS has nothing to do with allergies.

If you’ve been told by some ‘doctor’ that you can have your allergens tested and therefore identify why you’re having your immune system attack your myelin, then you are being conned.

Sorry if this comes across as a bit harsh, but it’s absolutely true. If it were as simple as allergies, then we’d all be cured.

And we’re not.


Moirah, just wondering where you heard about this.

Tippy x

I had allergy patch testing done back in 2002 while they were trying to decide what was wrong with me I was found to have

A intolerance to a chemical called carba Mix and chocolate carba Mix is used in thousands off everyday products such as cleaning products food preservatives flavours etc rubber gloves condoms etc the list is endless regarding things that everyone comes into contact with ,it is also found in substances like agricultural chemicals like crop sprays sheep dip cattle lice and fly treatments warble treatments fuel cement again the list is endless I worked all my life 47 years in farming .

In year 2004 the docs got thier heads together having decided 2 years earlier my health isues were autoimmune related

And decided I had iether sle or ms the needle came down on sle I was put on hydrochloxichloriquine and methotrexate witch did very little, I struggled on with much modified working practices to may 2013 I was much affected with head aches then vision problems then one morning I collapsed got up again could hardly move within the hour I was in the scanner they discoverd lesions on my brain stem and nerve damage in my head I was a few weeks later given the three day infusion off

Steroids the neuroligist came to the ward and announced to me and everyone else in there that I had ppms and sle and that

The carba Mix intolerance and use off ag chefs probably played a big part in my condition looking back through my medical

Notes they thought that I probably had this most off my life since stopping work and learning how to look after and pace my self life is ok I have things to do that keep me active and my mind busy .

Yes I believe that allergies and in tolerances where we use certain substances to much can play a part in this awful disease.

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So, wasp sting led to severe allergic reaction and anaphylactic shock.

This led to wasp venom immunotherapy (VIT) which I stopped before completion as shocking fatigue and trouble walking.

MS diagnosed

With no support from VIT supplier I wrote to MS place in Edinburgh hopeful that my experience would give knowledge and help treatment/cure for the future or at least get an understanding. Led to broad response “likely to be linked somehow as both affect immune system”

I reckon MS was bubbling under anyway but VIT may have kick started and hastened the pathway.

So, in a nutshell, in this instance, linked: yes but any further interest or knowledge of how? why? cure? not a chance …

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Looking at it differently - could it be that that having m.s. caused the allergies. Post-diagnosis I found I was allergic to aspirin - possible coincidence??