Allergy response

My partner, with ms, teaches occupational therapy on neurology as a lecturor in a university. She has a theory around the cause of ms related to those people who have common allergies to things such as dust or pets. Out of interest how many people have these kind of allergies? My partner is looking into the role of histamine on the breakdown of the blood brain barrier.

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I;m allergic to horses, rabbits and cats. I just tend to avoid them rather than taking any medication for it. I was diagnosed with PPMS in September 2011

Sarah x

Sorry to pour cold water on your partner's theory, but I'm pretty sure this has already been investigated, and no statistical correlation has ever been found between MS and allergies, although there is known to be a higher than expected familial aggregation (clustering in families) with certain other diseases, including Type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease, and Hodgkin's lymphoma.

It's also more common than chance alone would predict for individuals, as well as families, to have more than one of these diseases.  So although they're all clearly different diseases, the evidence points to some underlying common factor.  Not so with allergies.

In any case, if it was "common allergies", we'd expect the MS rate to be a lot higher than it is.  It seems allergies are on the increase, with almost everyone claiming at least one these days.  Why don't all these people get MS?

I'm sorry I can't point you to any scholarly articles - it's memory/laziness, not because they don't exist.  If your partner is serious about her theory, I'm sure she'll take the trouble to research what's already been said about it.



It cant be to do with any allergies to animals, as I dont have any pets yet I am suffering with MS.

'IF' MS is an autoimmune disease then it stands to reason that people with MS may be more susceptible to allergy which is also an autoimmune response. This is equally true with thyroid problems and any of the other autoimmune disorders. BUT significantly this does not mean the same vice versa.

Just because someone has allergies does not in any way make them more or less likely to get MS and it would be extremely damaging to suggest so. 


Hi guy's hope this help's i have rare allergy to cannulas and i go salford royal they don't know what does it but i swell and burn and then blood pressure drop's to the floor even salford royal have never seen it, Small furry pet's and clear micropore, lacosimide,tramadol,ibeufon

please don't laugh funny i know it's hard to remember when im in a relapse so i carry  i card.

i have alergies to cats, sister is worse and she doesn't have MS

This is pretty off-topic, and definitely nothing to do with MS, but I was reading only today that somebody with a cat allergy can get “acclimatized” to their own cat, and develop tolerance, whilst still remaining allergic to cats generally! Isn’t that amazing?

When we didn't have a dog and we visited friends with a dog I used to sneeze and sneeze. Now that we have our own dog I have no problems with any dog. Still sneeze with rabbits, horses and cats though!!

I am very interested in this type of research.

I am allergic to dogs/cats/horses.  I have had strange reactions to penicillin and a hayfever treatment called Triludan (dont know if its still available now)

Have had many strange itchy/blotchy rash type reactions.  Have to be careful what i put on my skin also. I also have hayfever but since going on the rebif it seems to be a lot better!!!(dont know why!)

Teresa. x