All our cursing proved helpful in the end...

As we’ve shared a few times, the recent issues with the forum have proved a tad stressful for us here on the digital team- when you were unhappy- we were unhappy.

It just so happened that the upgrade and much of the problems occurred in September when #IChallengeMS was in full effect.

As a team we decided to take part in the #IChallengeMS fundraiser. We installed a ‘Rude Jar’ - meaning if any of us swore, we had to donate money to the jar. Mild curses incurred a fine of 10p- but rose to £1 for a string of expletives.

We were particularly tested on a daily basis due to all the technical issues- but the upside of this frustration is that we raised over £50 for the MS Society.

What a f***ing result!

Stewart (admin)


Well done to you all, shame none of us knew about it, we could have kept count of our own expletives, would have bumped up your total! Will that be plus a £1

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You could have let us know Stewart, we would have piled on the stress even more…I like being helpful

Well done

Noreen x

Really, there was no need to stress us more or give us more to curse at. We were sleeping badly, eating rubbish, shouting at our computers and our swearing worse than the builders on the site next to our office.


What a result! I’m not sure whether to say ‘Well done’ in the circumstances . If you didn’t block expletives from the site, you could’ve fined all of us too and raised soooooo much more


Well done to all the cursers