So glad to have this forum


Whenever I feel a bit lost in this weired world of MS and how topsy turvey it can be. I always know that at least somebody will understand and be able to help when the world of "normal" bipeds just don't have a clue. I always find support right here on this forum.

It makes me feel sane again! Thank you. thumbsup

well said- 

It really is a great place


Hi All.

Hope it is ok to piggy back on your post.

I am normally the first to moan,but not this time.

The cost of this forum is £30 a day and would be a lot more if it was not for the moderaters giving up there time for free.

Know there is little bits of problems, but they are getting there.

All we can do is say thank you.

Take Care.


Ps i think winning that bar has made me a softty.

Thank you Chris.  No point asking for a pay rise!



Quite agree.  This place has kept me sane (relatively) many a time.


I posted something very similar to this post soon after I joined the forum. It has been an incredible source of advice and friendship for me. I hope it gets back to its previous levels in terms of people and posts in the not too distant future.

Karen x

I reckon you should ask for at least a 1000% increase.

Or maybe a nice bunch of flowers or something once a year?

Hmm, I guess the flowers would be much too expensive, versus £0?


Thank you Karen cool

I have to agree that this site is brilliant and it really has been a great help to me in many ways. I felt so passionate about it that I agreed to write a piece for our local branch newsletter and I asked Alison ( above) for ideas. Truth is, she wrote most of it but she would be too modest to say!!! Roger

Roger, you’re too kind!



I don't really know what to say, so I re-read the messages and wondered how many times the words 'thank-you' were used. I typed it into 'Google' and got

"Thank you" in more than 465 languages



Thank you Chris. No point asking for a pay rise!


Hi Val.

If it was in my power i would .

Think i could double what you get just now,would that be okay.

Take Care.



That would certainly help me make ends meet because times are hard on what I get now. So thank you.

trophy  For the mss site and all those who is a treasure to us all i think.  xx  Maria.

wowww i love the new site layout.  Been a while since I been on it, b4 xmas i think, but it looks great, soo user friendly.

Also the menu options are great idea, now dont have to search for hours for wat im looking for.

Docs and nurses say to me dont read everything on the internet, as it confuses patients, but i love ms society, have always come to this site when i need information on something.  

Well done MS society, you've done a great job....I for one am lost without it.