Air conditioning units

I ccant remember if I have asked this question before so I apologise if I have.

Air conditioning units.

What is the best 1 to buy and is there financial help in purchasing one.

Thank you.

Do you want one that’s fixed on the wall / in the ceiling connected to an external condenser unit? These are the only sort that really work properly and are the sort you find in shops & offices.

The portable units with a hose you stick out of the window are generally disappointing and inefficient but at least they can be moved from room to room.

Thanks for your reply. I was meaning a portable one yes. I have no idea of the working method ( hose out of window ) i was thinking of the ability to cool the room right down.

I will have to do my homework.

Thank you again

I got one of the portable types yesterday and itd cooled me down. I got it from a supermarket with the letter l .

Ohhh thank you…

I will get 1 … it totally zaps your energy doesnt it !

Was it Ld ??

Yes it was. I found it inbearable until i gpt it.

Fantastic ( not that you suffered with the heat )

I will go tomorrow …


I was lucky enough to be given a Homebase one by a friend. Since you need to open the window or back door for the outlet pip, it comes with a piece of fabric to block it off and stop the cold air escaping/hot air coming in. It has been a huge blessing, and quickly makes a difference. The downside though is that it makes a racket (you could never sleep with it on), and it will add a fortune to my leccy bill - I’m looking forward to seeing what three days of use increase it by!


My partner got an ‘inventor chilly’. It is very effective in a single room with the door closed. It comes with fittings to go with certain kinds of windows. Ours are traditional sliding sash windows, and it works well with those. In the winter it can be used as a de-humidifier. It has a remote control, as well as controls on the machine. I think he did get a grant towards it. I can’t remember who from. Possibly the MS Society!?

Thank you for your reply…