Ain't it comical ?


Are Crocs the plastic shoes maude, I used to wear plastic shoes every summer when I was little…slipped everywhere

I just can’t see myself in Crocs. I’ve been looking at sketchers, some lovely light grey pumps with white soles. Can’t believe how light they are, I’m definitely tempted to buy some. Would look great with my cotton leggings…very classy I think and not cheap.


I didn’t mean I thought Crocs were cheap or not classy, never gave them much thought


glad to have given you a laugh Blossom , I gotta say my sandals are sketchers , very comfy, light and well made too , classy you might think ? but the un-matching winter socks are from Asda , you can see I can’t even co-ordinate seasons !

Okay people…I will not have you dissing Crocs ( hands on hips) . I will wave the flag for them as I love them…and yes, I do have the odd charm button on them ( one is a pig, one is a flower…ahem). And I think the fact that I also have one pair in bright pink only makes me love them more:) as you were…( slinks off in shame) :smiley:

no we can’t go dissing crocs Beverly f , I’ve got to say they are an ingenius invention , not only can you wear them , (and a lot of my family do ? though seldom in public places ) but you can also use them to strain vegetables , and the other day the grandkids couldn’t find their swingball rackets !! , well you can guess those old crocs are good for that too

Oh I love your alternative uses for crocs…hilarious!


Hey, I agree don’t diss the croc, never worn them but they make great hanging baskets and look the biz to.Oh, and if you don’t know how, you pull small plants like primroses through the holes and watch grow. Lou x